Are you looking to start making money online with affiliate marketing? This is one of the best ways for you to start making money on the Internet.

Anyone can become an affiliate marketer or a blogger, but not everyone succeeds with Affiliate Marketing. Success in affiliate marketing is based on the things you usually do during the day.

There are 3 factors that determine your success with affiliate marketing

  • The mindset of a business owner 

  • 7 Skills you need to practice in order to succeed in making money on the Internet

  • Tools you need to prepare when making money online with affiliate marketing.

Thinking of online entrepreneurs

Affiliate marketing is really an online business. You are the owner of this business, all the results you have come from the decisions you make for your blog and website.

According to a study of 94% of websites, blogs that do affiliate marketing successfully earn more than $3,000/ month and are not built in just one night. It takes time, patience, hard work and discipline to build it.

Therefore affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. Instead, it is a long-term strategy to generate passive income on the Internet

These are the things you need to have when doing Affiliate Marketing.

Why did you choose to do affiliate marketing to make money online?

This is a very important question. Each person will have different answers. This is also the reason that motivates you to take action whenever you encounter difficulties.

I was also in this state when I first started affiliate marketing. I had a lot of fears. I delayed the time to get the job done when I learned this question it changed my life.

It helps me remember why I started affiliate marketing?

  • I want to have a free life, do what I like, go where I want to...

  • Spend time with your loved ones.

  • Affiliate marketing helps me to have a passive income stream even when I am sleeping.

  • Share the knowledge you have to help new affiliate marketers.

  • When doing affiliate marketing, I will learn a lot of skills, good knowledge about business, personal development, internet marketing.

What do you want about your life when making money with affiliate marketing?

Only you can answer. Find the answer you really want. When you really want it, you will easily take action to achieve it. 

The Bigger the Why the Easier the How

T. Harv Eker


Be passionate, love the field in which you do affiliate marketing

A lot of people participate in affiliate marketing as a means of making money. The problem with this method is unsustainable when you do things you do not like you will easily lose energy when working in difficulties. 

If you do affiliate marketing in your favorite field promoting products and services that you already have results from that product, you will be more likely to succeed because you also used the product, you share your experience, your results after using that product.

Note: you should check your target market with search engines to see if there are many search needs before doing it, to ensure that you have enough customers to become rich.

Always learning and improving

The Internet is always changing and developing if you do not adapt to it you will be left behind. To succeed, make money on this Internet, you must always learn to improve many things, especially when you are just starting to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Learning from others is a smart way for you to save money and save time to succeed faster

Thinking is always ready to give.

When you do affiliate marketing, this is a must-have mindset, be someone who is willing to give more than your opponent.

Firstly, the share that you give will appear on the Internet, which will help you appear in front of your customers more. You will have more chances to sell.

Secondly, this will strengthen people's beliefs and love when thinking about you. Think of it as when you're having a hard time, someone to help you solve it, do you love and trust them?

Now you will easily believe they are an expert in that field. They can help you achieve better results. So do your customers, be ready to give them the best they can.

You need the perseverance to focus on the long-term view.

long-term thinking

Making money online with affiliate marketing. This is not a get rich quick program; building an online business is a process; you have to be patient, persevere with it.

Most people participate in making money online in general, making money with affiliate marketing in particular, "NOT" achieved, because they tend to jump from one thing to another.

You will give up your job when you encounter difficulties. It is really the difficulties that you experience that will help your people grow up.

The result is what you get after a long series of days of effort. Sweet fruits after days of taking care of your tree.

Think about the future you will have after 1-2 years, 3-5 years, remember the reason you started.

Be always ready to act.

When you start working, you will have lessons, experiences, experiences that will help you succeed

You only succeed when you start to act.

Doing affiliate marketing is a freelance job, everything you have to take the initiative in arranging in a way that suits you best. Reward yourself for completing a task you set. It's a way of recognizing yourself to build discipline when you make money online

Those are the 6 thinking you should have when participating in making money online with affiliate marketing.

6 skills you need to practice to be successful when making money on the Internet

the skills needed to make money online with affiliate marketing

The skills for you to make money on the Internet are many, but here are the skills you must practice to be successful when making money online.

Planning skills

This is a skill you need to have. You need to know where you are? And what is your destination? What you need to do to accomplish your goals.

Then you have to organize your own work so that it is most effective, prioritizing important things to do first

Self-study skills

This is a very important skill for you to succeed when making money online. Not everyone who is born knows, it is a process of continuous training and learning.

To make money on the Internet, you have to always learn by yourself. Usually, no one will remind you. Only you can know where you are weak and learn to train yourself.

You have to make the most of the power of google reading different sources, finding solutions to the problems you are having. Proactively ask those who are better than you to solve that problem.

Website building skills with WordPress

To build a website is easy, you don't need to know the code or programming to do it. Most websites in this world, bloggers, people are making money on the internet use WordPress to build websites and blogs.

With WordPress building your website is only about 45 minutes, everything is almost ready for you, you just need to install the interface you want, add plugins to serve your work. Build a website yourself.

    •  Guide to build a simple website with WordPress (Updating).

    Content creation skills.

    This is a skill you can learn. You need to know what your customers need and create that content to serve your customers on different modes of transmission, such as blogs, social networks, youtube.

    Remember "content is king."

    The more engaging your content, the easier it will be to succeed on the Internet.

    Traffic driving skills.

    On the Internet there are 2 main types of traffic:

    One is free traffic: You can develop blogs, Instagrams, Facebook, Pinterest, youtube channels…

    • Pros: of free traffic is that you do not have to pay if you do it well, it will be sustainable.

    • Cons: is that you need time to build it.

    The second is paid traffic: you can get potential customers by running Facebook ads, google ads, etc.

    • Pros: it will yield quick results for you, with little effort

    • Cons: You will have to spend money when you do not spend money, you will not have a source of customers

    Optimization skills.

    Perhaps this is a skill that people, when starting to make money online with affiliate marketing, are often overlooked. But it is a very important skill for you to decide if you have great success.

    You must learn how to measure and analyze the indicators that you have achieved if you do not measure, you will not know where the problem you are facing is to find a solution.

    There is never the best. There is always better, you have to optimize it to make it faster and more efficient.

    The tools you need to prepare when making money online with affiliate marketing.

    The preparation of this online money you imagine as you are a general preparing to fight. You have the mindset of a general who leads your online business.

    You need to prepare the next as tools as weapons for you to fight to make money online with affiliate marketing, you need to prepare.

    Phone, computer

    This is not needed to say much about it anymore. You make money online is required to have this is the main tool for you to work. Make sure it has an internet connection.

    Types of the payment card.

    Affiliate marketing commission payment account

    1. Visa / Mastercard:

    This type of card is often used when making money online, using cards to pay bills as well as receive commissions.

    2. Paypal account, Payoneer

    Here are 2 accounts you should have, also to pay and receive commissions.

    For example, if you work as an affiliate at, Clickbank, you will use Payoneer card, Builderall, you will use PayPal.

    Depending on the affiliate marketing program, you join will require different forms of payment. The two accounts above are free to create so take advantage of creating it as soon as possible.

    Necessary construction tools

    1. Hosting and Domain Names

    These are the two main tools that you need to build your website/blog. Open source WordPress and theme you will be used for free to create websites.

    2. Social networking accounts

    This is a great resource to help you make money online with affiliate marketing, use all the social media channels you have to turn it into a channel to attract your potential customers.

    The social networks you should have Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Zalo, Tiktok, Pinterest… Please select the main social networks that your customers focus on developing it.


    Thinking is what accounts for 80% of success when making money online with affiliate marketing. But you need to start taking action to get the first results.

    Remember the reasons that you started when participating in making money online. Hopefully, through this article you can know what you need to prepare to be successful on the road to making money online with affiliate marketing.

    What do you think of this article? Please leave your comment below. Wish you success and see you in the following articles