With just a computer, a phone with an internet connection, you have you can sit at home and make thousands of dollars a month on the internet.

You didn't hear it wrong, thousands of dollars there!

Want to build a monthly passive income stream on the internet?
Or simply you want a job that does not require a degree can be done at home.

Then making money online is a great way for you to create passive income.
So in this article, let's learn about 7 best ways to make money online at home


Making money online is a form of making money on the internet commonly used the computer and phones to generate income through referrals, sales... done on the internet.

If you notice you will see this form of making money online it has been present in our daily lives in recent years as the internet has grown.

For example, you need to buy a Sony headset, but you do not know which kind is good and suitable for your needs, you type on google to find those Review information about earphone types when you read it, it is suitable for you. When you click on it to make a purchase, Site owners will receive a commission.

For example, in fact, my blog is a form of making money online, my blog will specialize in website building guide, blog to make money online, then when To build a website, you need hosting to do the web, I will put your affiliate link in reviews and guides when you click That affiliate link buys then I will get a commission.

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So who is making money online?

If you are wondering can I make money online?

Then this is the answer for you, make money online suitable for almost everyone, whether you are Students, office workers, it can be done.

Making money online does not require you to have a degree. You can work anywhere you want, whether it's at home or at a coffee shop as long as you have a computer, a phone with an internet connection and a will to never give up.

In my opinion, 2 subjects are pursuing making money online as a job.

  1. People who eat and sleep with it consider making money online as the main job that spends all its time making money online.
  2. Part-time workers, often in parallel with the main job. MMO as their A left-hand job to create a source of income outside the main job.

If you are a newbie, you can choose to do MMO in your spare time. then slowly turn it into your A major source of income

So is it difficult to make money online?

Honestly, in any industry, there is its own difficulty. Do not listen to someone saying making money online is extremely easy. You just need to deposit money without doing anything, and there is a high probability that you are trick.

Most how to make "quick" and "easy" money that people mention when Making money online is not a real business.

Because everything in this life, we exchange with each other by value.

You will succeed if you have enough perseverance, all your efforts will be rewarded

To Make money online, There are many ways to make money online, but here are 7 best ways to make money online at home.

7 best ways to make money online at home.

7 ways to make money online below each will have different advantages, depending on your strengths, your wishes, the time you have, taking advantage of what you have that you choose for yourself a form to do!

Make money with Affiliate Marketing

This is also the form that helped me earn my first income on the internet, and I am doing it right now.

Affiliate marketing is simply a form of making money by Introducing people to buy products through your referral link (affiliate link); you will receive a Commission.

This is a form of making money that can bring you Income source even when you are sleeping. Just like you read this post in the evening and you click on this link to buy hosting, I will get a commission.

When you make money with affiliate marketing, You do not need to worry about warehousing, the cost of importing goods or creating products and shipping costs... the supplier will take care of these issues for you.

Your job is to bring customers to your partner. You will receive commissions. Suppliers have customers who buy products, both for mutual benefits.

To make money with affiliate marketing, you need a computer, a phone with a capital of $100, I also started making money online for only $ 100.

Of course, knowledge is an indispensable thing. You will be Retrofit in the making process.

The trend of making money online in 2020 and the future is definitely still affiliate marketing.

Design & sell T-shirts for Business Marketing

Design & sell T-shirts for Business Marketing

T-Shirt Business is an online t-shirt business through the internet. This is considered one of the popular forms of making money online.

Participants make money from the t-shirt business. Just design a T-shirt and post it on platforms/websites that sell T-shirts. If someone ordered, The platform would produce or contact the shirt manufacturer, then ship it to the customer. You will receive profit for every sale

You can participate in T-Shirt business marketing through the following platforms: Teespring, Teechip...

Make money online with Google Adsense

make money online with Google Adsense

This is a form of making money online has been around for a long time. Your job is to build a website, blog to attract readers to your website, blog, and when you register to be Google Adsense.

When your website or blog is accepted by Google Adsense, they will Pay banner ads on your website. Google will pay you based on each click from your Adsense account.

You may not know:

"Pete Cashmore - the person who makes the most money from Google Adsense. Pete Cashmore is the founder of Mashable.com. When he was 19 years old, he built his website. This site specializes in providing entertainment, news, technology." and media information...

  • Monthly income: about $ 455,000
  • Monthly visits: about 4,000,000
  • Monthly views: 16,400,000 and still counting
  • Views per day: 31,100,000
  • Alexa rank: 778 (global ranking)
  • URL: http://mashable.com

A terrible number, right?

To start making money online with Google Adsense, You need to create a website right away. If you want to build a website without programming, you can build a website on the WordPress platform.

Make money online with Youtube Partner

Make money online with Youtube Partner

This is also a very hot form of making money online with famous YouTubers such as PewDiePie - 103 million subscribers, Badabun - 42.3 million subscribers, Whinderssonnunes - 38.4 million subscribers...

With the demand for entertainment and watching videos on the rise, youtube becomes an entertainment channel, providing information that everyone has in their pocket, replacing TV and CD in the past...

You can earn extra income with YouTube through The ads that Google puts on your videos uploaded to YouTube. The more views and subscriptions your channel has, the more money you will make from youtube.

Make money online with Drop Shipping

Make money online with Drop Shipping

Dropshipping is a form of sales that bypasses shipping. You are like a retailer, but you do not need to import goods.

When a customer purchases, you will contact the product supplier to buy the product and then ask the delivery vendor to help you. The product is delivered to the customer under your brand name.

You will receive a percentage of the price difference you sell against the price you buy at the supplier.

Make money online with Freelancer

Make money online with Freelancer

Freelance are individuals, each of whom freelance has their own skills, such as planning, design, translation... often given tasks when you complete the assigned task, you will receive money.

This job you can completely proactively arrange the time, as long as you finish it within the specified time period, is okay.

There are many places for you to make money with this Freelancer like:

If you have such a skill, write, translate... you can also register as a freelancer on the above pages to Make more income.

Online business

Online business

With the strong development of social networks today, it is likely that wherever you go, you will find Online selling, From the website, Blog, Facebook, Instagram...

Sales online take advantage of the strength of the internet that you can sell almost anywhere. You can serve a large number of customers on the internet. It does not require you to rent the premises.

You can start it with a small capital you save, take advantage of the social networks you have so you can create yourself an additional source of income


Making money online is neither easy nor hard, but for you to make money with it, you need to be serious with it invest the time for it.

While working, you will learn for yourself A lot of different skills. All your efforts will be rewarded.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Hope through this article you can choose for yourself a form that you want to make money online. Wish you quickly earn the first $ 10,000 on the internet

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