If you want to start making money online with blogs, Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to turn your blog into a money printer machine.

In this article, we will learn together what is affiliate marketing? How to start making money with affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of making money online. It is like a sales collaborators model when customers buy through your affiliate link. You will receive a commission.

Why should you make money with affiliate marketing?

Are you tired of getting up early in the morning and going through traffic jams on your way to work?

If you have a website, you can start making money with affiliate right at your lovely house.

The benefits of joining Affiliate Marketing below will be the reason you should be interested in this model of making money online

You can make money even when you are sleeping

You can make money even when you are sleeping

Affiliate marketing is a form of making money online you can make money right when you are sleeping, because the website system, your blog operates continuously for 24 hours when customers visiting your blog perform an action of buying. Goods via your affiliate link, you will receive commission.

What you need to do is create useful content, about the product you post to market or content related to the product you are marketing to put your website, blog on the first page of google (SEO) to increase traffic to the website, your blog.

When there is stable traffic, then your website actually turns into a "money printer machine." For you even when you are sleeping or travelling ^^

But affiliate marketing is not fast food, to get the passive income you need time to build it.

You own your time

When working as an affiliate, you do not need to go to the company to work. You can actively arrange the time to do your favourite time. You own your main online business.

You have time to take care of yourself, besides your relatives.

You earn money based on your efficiency

When you work in a company, you get the same monthly salary, and even if you work overtime, you only get a little extra money.

But when you are an affiliate, you will receive achievements that deserve your efforts. Your income is unlimited

Without a fixed income, this is also a pressure for you to learn skills to increase your income

You can start making money with affiliate with a VERY SMALL capital

In most forms of starting a business online, you need to have a large amount of capital to start, you must enter first, shipping costs, warehousing costs, even the cost of creating a product.

But with affiliate marketing you don't import goods, you don't import goods, you do not have to transport and warehousing.

Create your blog and choose the brand name or product you are interested in, love and you are ready to introduce it.

When your favourite what you are doing, you will be easy to succeed with it.

You can work anywhere you love

You can do affiliate marketing anywhere

As an affiliate, you only need to have a computer with internet. You can work everywhere you like

Have you ever wanted to work at home yet?

Have your own business?

Come on... I know you like that style of life ... everyone's style of life ...

You can work at your home in pyjamas… Or on the beach with your laptop.

Affiliate mark​​​​​​​​​​eting is the trend of making money online

Affiliate marketing is a business model that benefits all three parties, Advertiser, Customer, and Publishers

For the Advertiser only pay commission for the affiliate marketer after the customer makes the purchase, leaving the registration information...

This means that the Advertiser does not have to spend the initial marketing cost to have customers, they can extract the profit. From the product just sold to the affiliate marketer.

Customers will receive more detailed reviews about the products they are buying, from people who have used the product. Not only that, but they also receive discount promotions from affiliate marketers.

People who do affiliate marketing will get a commission based on their efforts. Get their freedom at work, master the time. Not only is this an opportunity for them to build your personal brand and provide value to the community.

Because of the benefits for all three parties, the affiliate marketing model is increasingly being applied by many companies. Affiliate marketers also have many choices of products that recommend to customers.

The components that make up the affiliate marketing model.

As you can see above the affiliate marketing model is made up of 3 main ingredients.

Advertiser: is the person who has products and services and they will pay the commission for Publishers

Publishers: Are personal or the company promotes the product of Advertiser through social network, website or blog and receive a commission from the Advertiser

Customer  is product users

There is also another component that is:

Affiliate network: Acting as an intermediary partner connecting Advertiser with Publishers

The affiliate network will provide technical platforms such as Link affiliate, banner, Statistics, commission ... And they will be members of dispute disputes, collect money and pay commission for Publisher

How does affiliate marketing work?


When you join an affiliate program, you will be provided with an affiliate link, when customers visit your website, blog where you link affiliate.

When customers click on the affiliate link to purchase (or perform an action as requested by the Advertiser e.g: Install the software, leave the information...), you will receive a commission.

To make it easier to understand, click on THIS BUTTON which contains my affiliate link

After you click you will be redirected to a page offers products. When you make a purchase, I'll get a commission.

It works pretty simply right?


Affiliate marketing is a great way for you to make money... even when you are sleeping. If you are interested in creating income on the internet, have a free life, start today 

What do you think about Affiliate marketing, please leave a comment below. See you again, I wish you success on the way you chose.